Size guide

Ring Sizing Guide

Do you know your ring size? Perfect! If you opt for a large ring, like a meditation ring, you can choose it ½ point larger than your usual size for more comfort.
If you don't know your size, I offer you a very practical little reusable ring sizer . It will allow you to define your greatness. I do not recommend measuring your fingers with a string or a piece of paper, because too often this gives a measurement that is too imprecise. A millimeter difference in circumference can make a significant difference!
Finally, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to discuss it with you!
US FRANCE Diameter (mm)
5 49 15.6
6 52 16.6
7 54 17.2
8 57 18.1
9 60 19.1
10 62 19.7
11 64 20.4
12 67 21.3
13 70 22.3

Necklace Chain Sizing Guide

Chain length guide It's not always easy to choose your chain length! Here is a little guide that may help you. If necessary, you can easily take a string to see where it falls, and then measure it.

  • 14 inches: This is the perfect length for a small pendant, if you want it to fall in the “hollow” of the neck, between the two collarbones. It's also the right length for children's chains.
  • 16 inches: This is an ideal length for people with a more delicate build or simply who want their pendant closer to the neck.
  • 18 inches: This is the standard size, which I recommend to all my clients when they are unsure about their choice, because it is sort of the happy medium that fits almost everyone!
  • 20 inches: This is perfect when you have a slightly larger pendant or if you are a little more sturdy in stature.
  • 24 inches: This is the chain that can generally be removed without opening the clasp and which will go down just above the bust.
  • 30 inches: This generally goes down just below the bust, and can be removed without problem without having to open the clasp.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to write to me, I will be happy to help you in your choice!