About Sonia

“Architecture and nature”

Originally from Gaspésie, Sonia Imbeault founded her own company: a micro-manufacture of jewelry made by hand, from precious metals.

Sonia draws her inspiration mainly from nature. A walk in the forest, a stop at the beach: a new jewel is born. Over the course of her 15 years of work in jewelry, Sonia has developed different techniques to integrate the textures of marine and plant objects into her creations. Her jewelry, feminine and delicate, is intended to anchor nature, a source of comfort in our fast-paced society.

The jeweler also devotes herself to creating expressive pieces, which have been noticed in Quebec, but also internationally.

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Awards and mentions

Finalist, Self-Employed Category Arista Competition for the Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal

  • Audacious Prize (entrepreneurship) Gala Prism, Amqui

  • Recipient, Category Recognition of an award obtained outside La Matapédia

  • Recipient of the Emerging Artist Award Conseil de la Culture du Bas-St-Laurent, St-Alexandre de Kamouraska

  • Finalist, Self-Employed Category
    Arista Competition for the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal

  • Recipient, New Product/Service Category
  • Place aux jeunesse national grand prize and Canadian Young Entrepreneurs Foundation
  • Female Entrepreneurship Prize Quebec Entrepreneurship Competition, regional edition, Trois-Pistoles

  • Niche Student Award 2010, Metal category: Non wearable, Functional The Rosen Group, Philadelphia, USA
  • Finalist for the Saul Bell Design Award 2010, Holloware Rio Grande category , Albuquerque, USA