Silver jewelry cleaning

How to clean silver and gold jewelry

Yes, silver jewelry can tarnish with time, more particularly with high skin acidity, perspiration or if you have sulfur in your water at home (in rural areas). The good news is: it is very easy to clean it! There are two principal cleaning products: the polishing cloth and the silver cleaning liquid.

The polishing cloth

  • The polishing cloth is ideal to clean a piece of jewelry with a smooth surface, without too much texture. The polishing cloth will easily remove the tarnish and give brilliance.
  • However, it is very important not to rub pearls or gemstones with the cloth, because it is soaked with a slightly abrasive product that might harm them.
  • Never wash the polishing cloth! It would lose the abrasive product it is soaked with and its cleaning properties as well. As you are using the cloth, you will see dark stains on it. It is normal; it is the product that is getting to the surface of the fabric. Following these simple instructions, you can keep the same polishing cloth for years and years!

The silver cleaning liquid

The silver cleaning liquid is a product we can find in most hardware stores and drugstores, in the cleaning products aisle. I use Tarn-X, which works for silver and gold jewelry.

  • What you have to do: dip in the solution the piece of tarnished jewelry for about 3 seconds (or until it gets back to its original color). Rinse well and dry well. As simple as that!
  • ATTENTION! Pearls and porous gemstones such as turquoise are very sensible at this product. Make sure they never get in contact with the solution. In this case, I use a toothbrush with soft bristles and dip it in the solution, and then, I use it to clean the jewel, keeping my thumb on the pearl or gemstone to protect it. Rinse well and dry well.
  • Even if gold jewelry doesn’t oxydise, it is a good idea to clean them from time to time. In fact, the shampoo, soap and conditioner we use can build up on the surface of the jewel and under the gemstones, which can cause them to lose their sparkling look.

Finally, a good way to prevent tarnishing is actually to wear your jewelry! In fact, the ring you wear keeps polishing itself, rubbing all the time on your clothes. Another easy way is to store the jewelry you know you won’t wear for a long period in little plastic bags, removing as much air as possible before closing them, since it is oxygen that cause the tarnishing reaction.

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Polishing cloth

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