Tea Strainers Set with base

Man's desire for exploration is driving us to our own loss. Even if we are aware of it, we see it soaking in our tea cup, what do we do?

Sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, 18K green gold, petrified palm tree, garnet, rutile quartzs, cubic zircons


Photo Credit: Michel Gauvin


Memory Box

I'm a little crazy about boxes. Any kind of boxes. This piece I made is called Memory box. It includes a pendant in which you can keep your perfume (sense of odor is the most related to memory) and a litlle drawer to keep small souvenirs...

Sterling silver, glass bottle, aquamarines, blue topazes and lab sapphires


Photo Credit :Hélène Langlais



Hope Pendant


Pendant created for a special event of the Association du Cancer de l'Est du Québec

Sterling silver, petrified palm tree and peridots


Photo by artist



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