Custom creation

Custom Creation

You have a jewelry project in mind and wonder how it works when it comes to custom creation? We are here to guide you through all the process of conception and fabrication of that one of a kind piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Here are the steps you and the jeweller will go through, until you get the final piece:

  • First appointment

It normally takes place at the workshop and boutique, but it can also be made by email. We discuss about the project as a whole: what type of jewelry (earrings, engagement rings, necklace, cuff links, etc.). I ask a lot of questions about the customers preferences: preferred style (minimal or organic), textures (smooth or textured), pearls and gemstones, the budget allowed, the alloy (silver or gold), engraving of a few words or not, and of course, the symbolism. The customer does not have to answer all the questions, but it will help me getting a global portrait of the project.

  • Drawing

I will then make several drawings according to the needs and tastes of the customer. I will keep three of them, which I will present with price estimates, at the second appointment with the customer

  • Project approuval

At the second appointment, I will explain the concept of each proposal. The customer will then be free to ask any questions he has in mind about the different options, and choose his favorite one. A down payment equalling 50% of the total price of the project will be requested before the beginning of the fabrication. That down payment is not refundable in case the customer would withdraw. The balance will be payable at the delivery of the finished jewelry piece.

  • Fabrication

I will make the piece of jewelry, with great care, in the best delay possible. It is sometimes possible that a fitting is needed along the process.

  • Delivery

This is the great moment when the customer discovers his custom creation; it’s always magical!


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